The Brightspace Pulse App 

Quick Start Guide:

Brightspace Pulse is a free mobile app (iOS and Android devices) that can help students stay connected and on track with their courses in D2L Brightspace. It provides one easy view of course calendars, assignments, and grades.

Before using the Brightspace Pulse App, Please Note:

LIMITATIONS OF THE PULSE APP – The Pulse App is NOT a substitute for viewing the course on a regular laptop or desktop browser. Certain course content CANNOT be viewed on the Pulse app. Additionally, Brightspace Pulse loads student course data by retrieving calendar events. These events might include dates from Content, Checklist, Discussions, Assignments, and Quizzes in D2L Brightspace, ONLY IF your instructors set dates for items in these tools. If there are no dates associated with an item on D2L, it WILL NOT show up on the Brightspace Pulse App.

To prevent yourself from missing important course content, please use the Pulse App as an easy and quick mobile reference and NOT an outlet to complete your entire course.


For assistance downloading and using the app, please see the Complete User Guide:

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