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Quick Start Guide:

The Kaltura Capture desktop recorder enables easy video creation anywhere by anyone. Kaltura Capture has a simple user interface, requiring only one click to record, without a complex setup or a lengthy learning curve. Kaltura Capture is supported on both Windows and Mac. Kaltura Capture automatically uploads new videos into the Kaltura MediaSpace video portal or Kaltura integration with D2L.

  1. Navigate to the MediaSpace login page. This can be done through various ways:
    • Use the direct URL: https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu/
    • On the D2L Homepage, click on the Technology tab on the top of the screen. Then, click on the section that says Kaltura MediaSpace and Capture to navigate to the site.
  2. Click on the StarID login option, and login with your MinnState StarID and Password.
  3. On the main My Media page, you will see several things:
    • Your previously created media.
    • The option to search, filter, and sort your previously created media.
    • The option to Add New will allow you to add and create new media.
      • Media Upload: Allows you to take previously recorded media from your device and upload that to MediaSpace.
      • Express Capture: Allows you to record media within your browser, without the need to download additional applications. To use this option, make sure your browser settings are set to allow mediaspace.minnstate.edu to use your microphone and camera.
      • YouTube: Allows you to upload publicly listed YouTube videos into MediaSpace. This is helpful if you have created a video for YouTube that you would like to also upload into D2L.
      • Kaltura Capture: Kaltura Capture is a more detailed desktop recorder that allows for more recording options than the Express Capture function. It also requires a download of application to your device. Once you have it downloaded, launch Kaltura Capture and follow the prompts within the application to set your recording settings to your preferences.


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