Quick Start Guide:

VoiceThread is an integration your instructors may use for certain D2L assignments. A large portion of the application will involve following the instructions as they appear, but if you are running into issues with VoiceThread, please follow the troubleshooting guide below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When completing VoiceThread assignments, please make sure you are NOT using Safari. It does not support the application as well as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge do!

  1. VoiceThreads will typically be found in the Assignments tab on D2L. From the course navigation bar, click Assessment and then click Assignments to access the Assignments tab.
    • By clicking on a VoiceThread link in an assignment in D2L, VoiceThread will automatically create you an account (if you didn’t have one previously), log you in, and take you to the VoiceThread assignment.
  2. Once your VoiceThread opens, you will see the Information screen. This screen will have instructions and requirements for your assignment, along with due dates, points possible, and your submission history. Click Start Assignment to begin your work.
  3. Listen, read, or watch the information your instructor left for you. Follow the instructions on-screen to leave appropriate commentary.
    • The + Comment option in the middle/bottom of the page will allow you to leave feedback on the assignment.
    • In your instruction slide on the left-hand side of the screen, your red to-do list will turn into green check marks once that element of the assignment has been completed.
  4. Make sure to hit Submit when you are done to fully with all the elements to turn your assignment in!
    • If your instructor has allowed the setting, you may have the ability to withdraw and redo assignment submissions. This is helpful in case you make a mistake that you want to fix before the assignment is graded!
  5. If your assignment requires you to respond to other student’s responses, you can do so within the Student Gallery. Open it up, examine your peer’s responses, and respond as your instructor has asked you to.



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